Sunday, November 6, 2011

vRing Pro Tile feature released!

It's here !!

We have worked hard to get the Tile feature working on vRing Pro working around all the issues with captcha validation added by Vonage. It was a challenge we enjoyed taking on. We feel the Tile feature is the next best thing after sliced bread!! Folks who make regular international calls will certainly agree with that. 
You can select a contact from the contacts list and create a Tile through vRing Pro. A few taps will create a tile and add it to the home screen of your windows phone with the contact's picture and the number type indicator(mobile, home etc). Now you can just click on the Tile you created to call the contact through vRing Pro (Vonage) without starting the app or logging in. 
Imagine that! Making international calls with a single tap. Especially for folks who make regular international calls, the Tile feature will be extremely useful and time saving. 



  1. Hello, since I couldn't find an email I am posting here. I bought your vRing Pro app and here are a few bugs/feature requests. Please fix ASAP as it is useless.
    1. The Dial a Number only allows for 15 numbers. Believe it or not, we need 16 characters to call cellphones in Argentina: 011-54-9-11-XXXX-XXXX
    2. I use my phone in the US and in Argentina. Storing numbers in the international format is kind of useless since I get a local GSM Chip when i go there. Selecting the Contact (without international format) results in an invalid number. Please allow for editing the number after selecting the number and prior to dialing it.
    3. Allow me to save a favorite by manually entering the number as well as selecting it from the contacts. If I do select it from the contacts, let me change the number prior to saving (same reason as 2).
    4. If I save the username and password, do not ask me to login everytime. Simply login without me pressing submit.
    5. A recommendation is to work the UI a little more. Nicer UI = better user experience = more money.

    Keep up the good work...

  2. I would like to rephrase as it didn't come out right. The app is not useless at all. It is useless for calling cellphones in Argentina since it can't be done due to number 1 above. Calling land line numbers worked great!

  3. Thanks for the feedback jstawski. We are working on getting the fix for 16 character phone numbers out ASAP. We are also looking into incorporating your other suggestions.

    One workaround for the number with and without international format for now is to have both numbers in the contacts e.g. Mobile 1 (with international format), Mobile 2 (without international format) for the same contact. So you can use either from the contacts based on where you are.

    We sincerely appreciate your feedback.

  4. vRing Pro update released, includes few big fixes.