Sunday, November 6, 2011

vRing Pro Tile feature released!

It's here !!

We have worked hard to get the Tile feature working on vRing Pro working around all the issues with captcha validation added by Vonage. It was a challenge we enjoyed taking on. We feel the Tile feature is the next best thing after sliced bread!! Folks who make regular international calls will certainly agree with that. 
You can select a contact from the contacts list and create a Tile through vRing Pro. A few taps will create a tile and add it to the home screen of your windows phone with the contact's picture and the number type indicator(mobile, home etc). Now you can just click on the Tile you created to call the contact through vRing Pro (Vonage) without starting the app or logging in. 
Imagine that! Making international calls with a single tap. Especially for folks who make regular international calls, the Tile feature will be extremely useful and time saving.