Sunday, October 2, 2011

Introducing vRing Pro!!

Hello World!

vRing Pro is an awesome new app for Vonage users. Especially for folks who make regular international calls, this app will be very useful and time saving. Its just soooooo convenient to dial international numbers from your cell phone using your existing Vonage account. No more remembering pins or entering 1-800 numbers for any calling cards or carrying voip devices anywhere.

This app makes it so easy to call international numbers with just few taps. It is such a pain to remember and enter loooong international numbers. Instead you can just add the international number to your contact list once and select that contact when dialing thru vRing Pro. Then simply rely on this app to do the magic of setting up call forwarding through Vonage and connect the call. 

vRing Pro also logs calls in history for reference and maintains a nice looking favorites list. Simply tap the contact from history or favorites list to place a call. Adding contacts to favorites is super easy with add button on  application bar. Press and hold the contact for the deleting a contact from favorites. It also uses contacts image in the history, favorites list and displays it when placing the call. Its good to see who the call is being placed to.

vRing Pro is available for a small charge and provides above features in addition to simple calling service. These features have been developed with practical use cases in mind, especially making it easier for user(s) to make international calls from their mobile phone(s) in few taps and extend accessibility of their Vonage account. It is available for download and supported on Windows 7.5 (Mango) platform only.

vRing Pro features include:
Contacts - Call contacts from phone's contact list.
Favorites - Add/Delete contacts to Favorites list and call by tapping the contact.
History - Refer to list of recently dialed contacts through vRing Pro and call by tapping the contact.
Images - Uses contact image if available or standard image otherwise.
Encryption - Username and password is encrypted when saved.
Tile - Create Tiles (shortcuts) for contacts which will call the contact directly! (Coming soon!)

Download vRing Pro from Zune marketplace:

So far we have developed 2 versions (vRing Pro and Lite) of this app for the Windows phone platform.

vRing Lite is available free of charge and gives you a simple dialer interface to use features of your Vonage account from your Windows phones. It is supported for Windows phone 7.0 and above. It is available for download on Windows 7.0 and Windows 7.5 (Mango) platforms.

Download vRing Lite from Zune marketplace:

Release Notes:
- These application are supported for US Vonage and mobile phones ONLY.
- These applications consumes your mobile data and plan minutes along with Vonage plan minutes.
- These applications have been thoroughly tested.
- These applications have been updated to handle the recent security update to Vonage.
- Please report any issues/feedback on this blog or email:
- These applications are not developed, licensed, sponsored, endorsed or officially connected to Vonage® and Windows®.
- By downloading this application, you agree to terms that the developer(s) of this app are not liable in anyway for anything related to the app, phone and voip device/plan/service/account/usage/settings.

Vonage® is a registered trademark of Vonage Marketing Inc.
Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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